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What Is goDutch?

What Is goDutch?

Bill splitting apps are a dime a dozen but quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. And goDutch is here to change that. The pandemic brings clarity on the importance of living for now, then why must we leave bills for later?

What Is goDutch?

goDutch is a financial movement that makes group expenses more effortless than you can ever imagine. Money management is the very first step of adulting and this app makes it accessible with just one click. One can split bills, track expenses and pay via UPI, all in one place. The app is constantly updated with a lot more features and even has exclusive discounts!

How To Get Started?

Contact is now a thing of the past with social distancing being the new viral necessity. Hence, it’s time to take our transactions on the digital route. Opt for Google Pay or Paytm for quick payments whereas when it comes to group bills that are much more complicated, there’s always goDutch. A bill splitting app where you can split bills with friends, track expenses and settle via UPI, all in one place.

Most places for a stay are much cheaper now. Hence, one can get a more luxurious experience while keeping it under budget. Here’s to living in the moment rather than being buried in bills.

Why Choose goDutch?

Don’t Just Split But Also Settle
While most apps help you keep track of your group expenses, you need to go to a different UPI app to pay your friends and settle the expenses. Here, it’s all done in one place.

Pay Rent The Smart Way
An all-new feature where you and your roommates can pay rent via UPI or credit card and goDutch will collect it and directly transfer it to your landlord. No more arguments or hassles when collecting rent, here’s an organized system for every month. And you can use the bill-splitting features to keep track of other household expenses too!

Pay Automatically With Friends Using The goDutch Card
Pay a group bill in one go using the goDutch virtual card. First, all group members link their respective payment methods to the card. Then when a transaction is made at any online merchant, each member’s share is automatically deducted from their linked payment method. You can activate/deactivate groups to maintain control over the transactions. Hence, there’s finally a quick and safe way to sort group bills so that you can focus on having a good time with friends!

Import Previous Expense
In case you were already using another bill splitting app such as Splitwise, thanks to our ‘Import Balances’ features, you can seamlessly transfer your pending balances to goDutch. And hence, be it money you need to be paid back or a payment you need to make, leave no money matter behind.

Avail Exciting Discounts
You can save money while spending it! The goDutch card can access exclusive discounts on top brands like Myntra, Box8Zoomcar, EaseMyTrip, etc…

Chat And Send Reminders
You can have a group chat with friends and keep track of expenses there too, other than on your balance screen. It also notifies you for unsettled payments and allows you to send in-app/SMS reminders to friends.

It’s Free
While some bill splitting apps provide the bare minimum for free, others provide the good features only in Pro versions. But with goDutch, we provide it all for free! 

Now that you’ve read all of this, why just take my word for it?

Go give it a try!

goDutch Now – Download The App

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