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Vacationing During A Pandemic

Vacationing During A Pandemic

This year has truly turned our lives upside down. From wanting to be lazy and stay in, now everybody wants to get out. But now that the pandemic has become a way of life, there are ways to have fun and still be corona-free!

Here are some ways you can holiday during doomsday:

1. Choosing The Right Place

Suspense Mein Mat Raho

Do not pick a place willy-nilly. Check reviews and more importantly, safety standards. Or else you’ll bring an extra return gift on your way home. Make sure they’re taking covid precautions like social distancing and sanitisation among many.

Finally, do see if it’s going to be a fun stay. You don’t want to go from one indoors to the other. Staycation places like VistaRooms and EkoStay are perfect for this! You get isolated villas and even pools and other amenities. So, time to upgrade your work from home location!

2. Contact-less Money

Paisa Hi Paisa Hoga

Contact is now a thing of the past with social distancing being the new viral necessity. Hence, it’s time to take our transactions on the digital route. Opt for Google Pay or Paytm for quick payments whereas when it comes to group bills that are much more complicated, there’s always goDutch. A bill splitting app where you can split bills with friends, track expenses and settle via UPI, all in one place.

Most places for a stay are much cheaper now. Hence, one can get a more luxurious experience while keeping it under budget. Here’s to living in the moment rather than being buried in bills.

3. Stocking Up On Essentials

Safety First

The apocalypse is a better reminder than ever that it always helps to stay prepared. Many of us have gotten so used to having a sanitiser around that it might still be in our daily routine even after the virus is long gone. But since you’ll be travelling, the stakes are much higher. So, be sure to double check your travel essentials like carrying linens and blankets if travelling by train as the IRCTC won’t provide for them.

You can check out other travel essentials using sources like CurlyTales and other sites. Be sure to get health insurance to prepare for the worst. Also, do keep track of covid cases in the area you’re visiting. Just a little extra caution could help in a super safe vacation.

4. Having Fun While Social Distancing

Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori

While the vacation mode is on, don’t forget that so is the pandemic mode. But do try to find avenues of fun activities while being safe. You can opt for treks, swimming in private pools or even go on a food crawl. Check innovative travel sites like Thrillophilia and take your pick.

Many holiday destinations like Rishikesh that conduct adventure sports have opened up after months this year. Make the trip count for it’s staying indoors for a while post that.

5. Figuring Mode Of Travel

Ab Teleport Toh Nahi Kar Sakte Na

The kind of travel too brings its challenges. For example, there are many new rules with regards to flights during the pandemic whereas when driving, there are a lot more precautions like when taking pit stops for meals that one has to take for themselves. Check out the guidelines for both and prepare accordingly. Then it’s up up and away to your ideal vacay!

While the times seem extremely bleak, our world is much more accessible today. For unlike previous pandemics or dire situations like these, there has never been a ray of hope like there is now. For we live in the age of technology and innovation and even covid can’t bring us down. Hence, since we are getting the opportunity to find some respite during these hard times, let’s make sure that it counts.

Make sure that we feel good till the vaccine arrives in our hood.

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