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Top 5 Netflix Series To Understand More About Money

Top 5 Netflix Series To Understand More About Money

In today’s age, the whole world of teaching has gone beyond the conventional classroom setting. From learning to change a tyre to the theory of relativity, everything is available at the click of a button! Money and finances are topics we usually dread and are the bane of our existence once we start to truly become adults and earn a living.

But what if there’s a way to get insights into the financial world and keep it entertaining at the same time?

Here are some Netflix shows which will help you understand more about money:

1. Money Heist

Though the show might at the surface seem like just a heist crime drama, there’s a lot more to explore within its narrative. The biggest financial lesson given by the Professor’s character and the show itself – is planning. 

Being two steps ahead is essential to achieve the financial future one desires. The show itself is beautifully filmed and shows the concept of robbery with a much deeper perspective as a form of protest against fascism. It also shows a different side of the criminals, with a view of their more human side.

2. Dirty Money

When learning about money, we’ve got to learn about where things went wrong. ‘Dirty Money provides the best insight into that. You get to learn about corporate corruption, securities fraud and even the concept of creative accounting. 

‘Creative accounting’ provides s a deep dive into how the biggest of brands and companies have time and again “cooked the books” and changed figures to con people about their profits. The documentary series leaves no stone unturned in covering a wide variety of known names from brands like Volkswagen to even America’s ex-president, Donald Trump. 

3. Start-Up

Every person you know these days has jumped on the K drama bandwagon and rightfully so. It’s time to discover the beauty of tv and film across the globe and beyond British and American shows. This show gives a sneak peek into the world of entrepreneurship. 

We get to see the rare female perspective here of a dream that many have had – ‘to become the next Steve Jobs. If you’ve got a love for the K drama romance but want to see it in a busy and unpredictable start-up world, this show is one for you.

4. Bad Boy Billionaires

We’ve heard of these controversies over the news and even more at family gatherings where conspiracy theories have been discussed on end. This anthology web series helps us get a closer look at each of the biggest controversies that the financial atmosphere of India has come across. 

From Vijay Mallya to Nirav Modi, the corruption that led to the biggest financial scams of the century, this show gives a great insight into the dark side of money. You get to see the life of the scammers and their journey, rise and eventual downfall.

5. The China Hustle

While most finance documentaries could be seen at face value as a snooze fest, The China Hustle on the contrary stands apart as one of the grittiest stories you’ve seen. Involving Chinese companies and the American stock market, it’s about one of the biggest fraudulent practices that ran unnoticed for decades on end. You get to see an unsettling side of the stock market and one of the biggest wall-street controversies that don’t leave even a moment for you to rest. 

With the whole dogecoin and stock market entering the mainstream conversation, this shows an important perspective to see how such big scams have affected the lives of regular people even today.

Money doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring topic. And these shows are proof of that. They’ll give you such obscure knowledge that by the end of it you’ll be putting your CA cousin’s fun facts to shame.

So, pick a show, goDutch on a food order and enjoy your binge night with friends!

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