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The Ultimate Guide To Adulting: Moving Out Edition

The Ultimate Guide To Adulting: Moving Out Edition

After you’ve somehow convinced your parents that you (the person who can’t boil milk) are ready to move out, the real challenge of adulting begins.

From planning and moving to rent and bills, it can get really overwhelming.

To ensure that you don’t crack under pressure, try out our life hacks for good measure!

1. Exploring Options: 

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 Channel Your Inner Dora

The first few days of research can get incredibly exhausting. But don’t ever rush to your decisions. Put together your requirements like budget, location and accommodation.

If you are new to the city, instead of going solo and renting a place, maybe try a PG or a co-living (like Stanza Living, OYO Life, etc.) as a tentative arrangement. Get used to the city as each one is a different kind of desi and eventually, explore to your heart’s content.

When it comes to house-hunting, you could either try established sites (like NoBroker, MagicBricks, etc.)  or you could even check out Facebook groups (like Flats Without Brokers). If you’re unable to find your ideal home in one, you’ll definitely find it in the other. Also, it’s a good practice to check both for a fair estimate of prices.

Save up money because you know you’re going to need it for food orders when the midnight cravings hit. But never make any transactions in haste. Hit up your in-house negotiators (i.e. parents) for this one.

2. House Visit: 

dwight checking wall at michael's house
Analyse Like Goldilocks

house visit is incredibly important. It starts off as really exciting but can get incredibly tedious after the first few houses. Make sure to be thorough and visit as many as possible for you never know when you’ll hit gold and find the one that’s just right.

Ensure that your visit is during day-time in order to see the house in natural lighting and gauge any pollution or excessive traffic in your neighbourhood. Do check out the area for the proximity of eateries, medical shops and other essentials to account for your day-to-day and even rainy-day situations. Speak to locals and building security to gauge more information and cross-check rates.

Also, if you are incredibly social or are in a relationship, then frequent visitors are a given. So, be sure to run this by your landlord as angry neighbours have a tendency to kill the vibe of a party. Figure out how strict your building is and what is feasible with your landlord.

Hopefully, you will find a place where you can live as freely as possible. As long as you’re not being a nuisance to your neighbours and it is limited to your home. A win-win for everyone.

3. Packing: 

jim taping dwight inside a box
Marie Kondo-It

Be sure to categorise your things into necessities and luxuries in order to prioritise what needs to be taken and what doesn’t. Find the things and items that spark joy and pack them efficiently. Have a checklist in place to track your items too.

You can either get the boxes packed by moving companies or do it yourself and save a few bucks. The boxes are available for really cheap in any nearby supermarket. To know more, you can Google up compact ways to pack.

Finally, choose a moving company well. For even though this doesn’t seem as important as selecting a house, don’t forget that it holds the things that make it a home. Compare rates, delivery standards and area-wise availability. You can schedule a pickup online with trusted services (like SafeExpressBlue DartGati, etc.) and be on your way.

Also, don’t forget to label your boxes so that you don’t have a mystery box challenge waiting for you at your new place.

4. Roommate Search: 

darryl complaining about jim as his roommate
Finding Your Nemo

Watching the same shows, liking the same books or aiming to get a PS5 can seem like the traits for a perfect roommate but remember that this isn’t a vacation. Your roommate/bestie can very much turn into your enemy if they slack off on household chores and make a mess of the house. Hence, it’s important to find a person you can actually live with rather than just get along with.

Have a basic idea of the household you want to live in. Be clear about your definition of cleanliness, privacy and discipline. If these basics are met, you can turn the dream of being the perfect roomies into a reality.

‘Flats without Brokers’ and other Facebook groups are incredibly helpful to find the ideal roomate. You can compare preferences, budgets and make an informed decision. Also, make sure to run a background check for safekeeping.

And who knows, maybe they fit every criteria and also want to get a PS5 as a cherry on top.

5. Shared Expenses: 

stanley rejecting dwight's 'schrute buck'
Put It On The Record

Every expense must be kept track of. Sharing a house means making group investments in everything that’s required to run a house. Be it a fully-furnished house or semi-furnished one, there are seemingly endless purchases in the first month. Whether you are the first one to move in or last, you’d want it all to be squared up. Moreover, be sure to recover your set-up cost from the roommate who replaces you in case you move out.

A system agreed upon by all flatmates makes the task of settling bills  much less awkward. It doesn’t matter whether you get along like besites or quarrel over the silliest things on the daily, everyone hates bills and likes to sort them out immediately.

Hence, you can opt for bill splitting apps like goDutch. Here, you can not only split your bills and keep track of expenses but also if one person uses their goDutch virtual card,  the entire group pays their share instantly.

Live on the go rather than being stalled by bills.

Moving out is a monumental step in every youngster’s life. The experience varies from the millennial to boomer time periods but it is significant nevertheless. After sorting these steps, it’s smooth sailing into the best years of your life.

So basically, all you need to do now is –

Get a move on!

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