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The Ultimate Guide To Adulting: Learning To Cook Edition

The Ultimate Guide To Adulting: Learning To Cook Edition

Since online orders are an occasional luxury, learning to cook is a major necessity. But that too can come with its challenges. For example, it can get difficult if you have never even come close to a frying pan or if your roommate’s cooking makes you want to take your chances with Coronavirus.

Here are some simple guidelines to take you from the basics to a home-cooking Masterchef:

1. Start easy and build confidence

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All Systems Go-rdon

Breakfast is the easiest meal to cook as it’s extremely versatile. Among the breakfast food ingredients, bread is a good one to start with or eggs if you’re non-vegetarian.

While the former might not be super healthy, it helps you get the carbs you need for the day. From sandwiches to pakodas to even plain toast, it’s really difficult to mess this one up.

When it comes to the latter, you basically need to break the egg over the pan and boom, it’s a bullseye and if you mess that up, no worries, it’s scrambled now. But then again in the early attempts if you are failed by these two, there’s always fruits to save the day.

2. Stock-up on grocery essentials

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Time For A Shopping Spree

Be sure to stock up on all things necessary to cook the simplest of meals. From the metallic spice box common in all desi homes, to specific greens, flour, oil and other ingredients.

Times like the pandemic make us realise the importance of stocking up. Going to the store is now a thing of the past with services like Grofers, Big Basket and even Swiggy Genie bringing the freshest groceries to your doorstep.

Also, make sure you’re aware of the expiry dates of foods and if you go on a shopping frenzy, do remember to get the important stuff instead of getting distracted by Maggi.

3. Bulk Cooking

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Pray To All Gods Possible

Start your meal prep at the beginning of the week. Plan for the week, according to your schedule. Ensure that your diet has a good balance.

And though the bulk cooking at first can seem exhausting, it will surely pay off when you simply need to heat up your food during the rest of the week.

If you haven’t cooked before, there could be speed bumps but just power through and hopefully, you’ll make something more and more edible each day.

4. Preserve leftovers

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No Man Left Behind

Always keep leftovers. Whether it’s a bowl of dal or a small piece of paneer, one day’s leftover could be the next day’s quick meal.

It’s the way home-delivered pizza tastes better the next day, home-cooked food does too when you don’t have to cook again.

Stocking up on leftovers also helps you be wiser with your spending.

5. If you fail there’s always online orders

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Delivery Guy To The Rescue

Now in case you try, try and still don’t succeed. There are always online orders (Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo). Or in case that doesn’t work either, just WeFast mummy’s khana home.

Ordering food with roommates could be incredibly expensive if your roommate is a super hungry one or is stingy with payments. Here, you can be economical by using apps like goDutch to track expenses and even settle them via UPI. There are also reminders for pending payments and group chats to discuss all the kitchen nightmares that led to the online orders.

Being independent isn’t easy. Moving out is less of Netflix and chill and more of wash vessels and cry. Getting used to taking care of your home can get difficult but cooking is one of the tasks that could actually be fun and calming if done the right way.

Start off slow and eventually you can go from Tiktok foods like dalgona coffee to Masterchef level biryanis.

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