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The Roommate Life Made Easy With goDutch

The Roommate Life Made Easy With goDutch

Living with roommates can have its perks but you could also go from living with parents to parenting full-grown adults. From running after them for chores and rent to keeping the house tidy and creating your own personal space, there are a ton of challenges that could come your way.

But fret not, for here are some methods in which goDutch can make living with roommates the party that it was meant to be –

1. Ground Zero: Setting Up Your Home

One can get houses that are semi or even fully furnished but there will still be one or the other appliance/ furniture which will be missing. This is one of the bigger expenses where you can either buy the requisite items or rent on a monthly basis, based on whatever is more economical. But at the end of the day, it will be an extra cost to bear.

Here, goDutch can be used to effortlessly split the bill amongst all roommates. Moreover, roommates can use the group chat to keep track of these expenses and send reminders to each other for any pending payments.

So, make your bills much more chill with just the click of a button!

2. General Tally: Tracking Monthly/Daily Expenses

Sorting monthly expenses seems easy but on a daily basis can be much more difficult than one anticipates it to be. Spending money on groceries can very quickly become a hassle to keep track of. And running after roommates for payment on the daily can end up becoming another additional chore.

Instead, one can add their grocery expenses on the goDutch app and not just split but also pay each other via UPI, all in one place! One can even check the balance screen to keep track of who owes whom as each payment goes by. And when it comes to monthly expenses like electricity,  you can organise those effortlessly on the app too! Therefore, rather than fight over trivial expenses that ruin everyone’s mood, you can truly focus on the food!

3. Food Emergencies: Ordering Takeout

For all the days with the cooking disasters where you’re forced to order in, you better ensure that sorting the bill isn’t another disaster too. The goDutch app is an easy go-to where you can split the group bill, track how much you’re spending on these orders and even pay for it via UPI all in one place!

With the addition of food orders, keeping track of them along with existing monthly/daily expenses can become quite a mess. Here, the ‘Simplify Balances’ feature provides the perfect solution. If each person has paid for a different bill, it’s difficult to keep track of ‘who owes who’. This feature automatically fixes that by putting all bills together for the final countdown.

So, go ahead and make memories and leave the math to us!

4. Final Countdown: Splitting Rent

Rent is the main expense that puts quite the dent in our bank account and makes saving money seem like a distant dream. Imagine paying twice that amount if your roommate flakes and then not even having clarity on when you’ll be paid back! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But it could be your reality every month since landlords don’t wait for payments and the responsibility will be on your shoulders.

goDutch has an incredible rent feature to combat this. Each flatmate pays their rent via their respective payment methods on the app itself, which then collectively transfers that to the landlord every month.

Hence, leading to the miracle of happy tenants and a happy landlord too!

Living with roommates is a major step in adulting.
But guess what?
You don’t have to do it alone.

goDutch has your back. 

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