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Putting goDutch To Work, At Work

Putting goDutch To Work, At Work

Every standard 9-5 job can get more chaotic than it seems. Eventually you’re in over your head and the possibility of managing a work-life balance seems like a distant dream.

But, fret not!

Here’s how the goDutch app helps put the little hurdles in your work life on autopilot to ensure a smooth ride –

1. Splitting Bills At Lunch

When there’s urgent deadlines, it’s all hands on deck. Hence, lunches and dinners at office become a practically daily ritual. Most of the time, the project might get over but the bill sorting remains. Why add another tedious task when you have so much on your plate?

Simply add expenses on the goDutch app and it’ll sort everyone’s share out in an instant! Hence you can focus on the more important things, like whether to order shawarma or pizza! Or both!

2. Settling Balances For Commute

When travelling to office, most people carpool or go in groups to make their lives easier but sometimes that ends up being a devil in disguise. For each day’s cash transactions for commute can pile up to a sizeable amount over months which remains pending for almost infinity.

Here, the goDutch app puts an end to the ambiguity for you can add your expense and settle it manually or via UPI, all in one place!

3. Rewards For Referring Co-Workers

Making friends at work is truly blissful for the work doesn’t seem like work anymore! Here’s adding cherry on the cake by bringing in the goDutch ‘Udhaari Credits’.

All you need to do is refer your friends on the goDutch app and you could end up getting a discount of upto Rs. 5000 on paying friends back. Finally, get rewarded for what most of us are best at, spending money!

4. Optimising Your Business With goDutch

Other than office lunches or commute, the app can not only just help with recreation but also help make your work itself easier too! Every business outsources work or has emergency expenses which become hard to keep track of. But worry not, for you can use the goDutch app to keep track of those expenses within a group chat and even send reminders for a pending payment or project.

You can refer to previous payments too and ensure that all of that external expenditure is tracked with just a click of a button!

5. goDutch Card At Off-Sites

Off-sites are probably the best part of being in a workplace. They bring back the memories of the good old school days and it’s good to finally unwind with the team you work with day in and day out. But these trips can sometimes become a burden instead of a blessing when the costs of one day create an added hangover on the next.

Here, the goDutch card is the extra colleague you truly need. For all you need to do is connect your linked payment method to the virtual card, then if just one of you uses it, everyone’s share is deducted from their respective account.

Hence, settling group payments in real time so that the fun doesn’t stop while you make payments on the go!

Keeping your office expenses on autopilot helps make your work-life a breeze.

And the goDutch app will provide that very exact help with great ease.

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