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Planning A Fun Day For You And Your Roommates

Planning A Fun Day For You And Your Roommates

When we move out from our homes, we simply move from one family to another. Roommates are another kind of family where they’re your friends, siblings and even parents, all-in-one! But in the monotony of daily life, we sometimes forget to take a moment out for some quality family time.

Here’s how goDutch can help you have a truly fruitful day with your new family:

1. Morning – It’s All Working Out

Try starting your morning with a little workout! Exercise is surely the most difficult thing to motivate oneself for, other than getting up in the morning. But it does get easier when you’re taking the action on as a team.

From gym to even Zumba or parkour, there are a plethora of options! You could opt for something like Cult Fit ranging from yoga to even dancing whereas there’s Mumbai Parkour for an even more intense workout. It’ll help bring in some great bonding and as a bonus, keep your fitness in check!

2. Afternoon – Masterchef: All Amateurs

A good workout deserves a hearty meal. But this itself can be turned into a fun activity too! Cooking is extremely calming and can be an innovative experiment. You and your roommates can whip up some easy recipes in a matter of minutes! You could easily use Dunzo or Big Basket to conveniently get groceries.

Moreover, Swiggy Instamart recently introduced ‘The Better Half’ Cookbook. With an innovative style of divided kitchen duties so that cooking is less of a confusing experience and more of a team effort. Though, originally meant for partners, it works for families, friends and roommates alike!

3. Evening – City-Wide Wanderlust

As the Sun begins to set, it’s time for a change of scenery! Why not explore the city with your friends? You could either take an Ola or an Uber to roam about or better, go for a Yulu bike and add a new twist to your journey! There are also great forums like ‘Things To Do In Bombay’ to help you tick off a bunch of things on your checklist!

4. Night – Putting The Watch In Watch List

Finally, the night can conclude with a good old binge-watching session. It could range from an old show to signing up to a new subscription altogether! From Netflix to Hotstar or even something on YouTube Premium, the choices can be really overwhelming.

But splitting a subscription bill can be far worse to handle. But here’s where you can opt for goDutch. Just one of you can pay for it at the time, add the expense on the app, while the others could settle up their shares easily via UPI. No pending payments and hence, the show goes on non-stop.

Life with roommates can seem like a dream on most days but can also be a nightmare every once in a while. It’s good to take a day every once in a while, to truly leave everything aside and focus on simply spending time together.

goDutch can help be that bonus roommate that helps make your life easier. From splitting bills to sending reminders and even automating rent payments, goDutch has you covered!

Don’t split hairs over monies,
But split bills and relax with roomies.

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