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Living In A New City With goDutch

Living In A New City With goDutch

Change is necessary but can also be difficult. Switching your ground zero can shake most people to their core. New people, new places are challenging enough, and living on your own ends up being an added hassle.

Here’s how goDutch helps you make the right move –

1. Keep Track Of Expenses

Shifting can be a really expensive task. From moving troubles to setting up the house, keeping track of expenses might seem like an impossible task. But goDutch has the solution! From bills split with parents to those with roomies, you can refer to every expense possible with just the click of a button! Simply add your expenses and keep track on the group chat.

2. Pays To Have A Friend

As you make new friends in the city, you end up introducing each other to your respective worlds. But what if making an intro ends up saving you money? Every time you refer a friend to the goDutch app, you earn ‘Udhaari Credits’ which help you save money on future udhaari!

3. Rent Is Now Stress-Free

Moving cities can be a huge culture shock. Living with new roommates and even carrying out expenses can be really awkward at the start. Here, goDutch’s rent feature is a lifesaver. Avoid any awkward conversations or any run arounds when collecting rent, simply automate it via goDutch. The app sends a payment link every month on your created group. After every roommate pays there, goDutch simply transfers the collected amount directly to the landlord’s account. Hence, while everything else is already digital, now your rent is too!

4. Expenses On Repeat

Since the move to another city can be expensive, cutting costs is a must. While you may pay for necessities on your own, you can share the cost of some luxuries with friends! For example, subscribing to Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video and other services is much more affordable when shared with friends. But if keeping track becomes tedious, goDutch has your back. Add recurring expenses which will automatically be added to your app and ensure that you won’t ever forget to renew a subscription and be late to see a trending show.

5. Discount Me In

Sightseeing and travelling around a new city can end up taking a toll on your wallet. Here’s where the goDutch card can help you save money! Use it to conduct group expenses in real time. One of you uses the goDutch card and the money is deducted from everybody’s accounts in one go. Hence, no worries to sort payments later. And moreover, there are discounts! Avail great offers on Swiggy, Furlenco, Myntra and more!

Leaving your comfort zone is never an easy task. But knowing someone has your back, does help. While you’re the friend in need, goDutch is your friend indeed.

With an app this sweet, adulting sure will be a piece of cake!

Once the move becomes easy, you’ll be making moves in no time!

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