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Is The goDutch App Safe And Secure?

Is The goDutch App Safe And Secure?

Online payments are fairly common today but most people are still a bit hesitant to go through with them. Most millennials might be super active on social media but when it comes to connecting their bank information to a digital transaction…they always get befuddled.

But now since digital is the way to go, here’s why goDutch should be your go-to for splitting bills & expenses:

1. Assurance With UPI Payments On goDutch

goDutch is an app where you can not only split bills but settle them via UPI! Every user’s UPI information is safe as it is processed by India’s leading payment gateway, Razorpay.

Your UPI information is simply collected so that you and your friends can easily conduct transactions. And it is impossible for any transactions to happen without your authorisation as each of them requires your security pin.

2. Card Information Isn’t Stored

The goDutch card can easily be connected to your debit or credit card in order to process group payments in real-time!

The app doesn’t store your card information on its server, just verifies it. Therefore, ensuring that your banking information is safe and in your own hands.

3. Partnered With Reputed Bank

The goDutch virtual card enables friends to conduct group payments in real time. Just one person uses the card and everyone else’s share is deducted from their respective payment methods in one go.

You can even use the card to avail exclusive discounts on Furlenco, Myntra and more! While this system saves time, in no way does it compromise on security by ensuring that goDutch has passed all of the app vulnerability tests under CSB Bank.

4. Best Practices Implemented

There is an implementation of best practices under the guidance of the in-house technical architect of our cloud service provider AWS.

The app is also constantly monitored with frequent testing in order to curate the best possible experience for its users.

5. Experienced Team

The team consists of stellar engineers who are the backbone of goDutch.

They have worked at multiple fast-growing tech startups and are thus incredibly familiar with and have implemented all kinds of security measures.

Think we missed something? Then send us your queries to and we’ll be happy to answer them!

The goDutch app aims to not just be an app but more of an experience. The goal is to become the responsible member of your friend group, the ‘mom’ per se. Where they keep track of money, ensure all bills are handled while you can have a nice time stress-free.

Also, you can save money while spending it! Refer friends on the goDutch app and earn upto Rs.5000!

Now that you’ve seen our security measures are a ton,
Time to goDutch and have some fun!

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