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How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party With goDutch

How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party With goDutch

1. The ‘where and when’

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some like to have loud and extravagant birthday parties with a lot of people, while some might enjoy a small gathering of their close friends.

After you do that and decide what your friend would like, you can come up with a budget plan as per the setting of the party. An easy and efficient way to keep a track of expenses is using the goDutch app. You can keep adding expenses in the group chat and keep track of costs and ensure that your expenses are under control while the party is truly out of control!

add expense godutch

2. The ‘who all’

You know everything there is to know about your best friend. So you might definitely know the people they are close to and would like to be there on their special day. While inviting people can seem taxing, here’s a way it pays to have a friend – refer them to goDutch! Referring friends to the goDutch app helps you earn ‘Udhaari Credits’ which help you save money on future udhaari! Hence, when spending money now, you end up saving money in the future!

Running after people to get payments done is a true buzzkill, hence by digitising bill splits, you no longer have to worry about ruining the vibe!

3. The ‘who owes who’

While the birthday might be one, events might be many. From the pre-party to the party and the after-party, it could all get really messy. Different people could pay for different things and no one wants the hangover of sorting money. An easy way to organise this, is done by goDutch’s ‘Simplify Balances’ feature which pools in everyone’s  balances so that you get an overall picture of net-net who owes who.

Therefore, while you ensure that everyone has a good time, goDutch ensures that everyone will get their money back.

4. The ‘what’

Giving your best friend a thoughtful and heartwarming gift is sometimes even better than the party itself. You can either get something separately or get a great gift as a group! Here there could be issues in case one person has to pay in advance, but fret not!

For they won’t need to sit and wait for a payment till the end of time as the goDutch app allows people to settle their expenses via UPI! Hence, the payments will be done and the party can go on!

5. The ‘what if’

Every party has emergencies. From last moment guests to decorations to snacks and these things can surely go over budget. Here’s where the goDutch card serves as a lifesaver.

If even one person in the group utilises the goDutch card for a purchase, everyone’s share is automatically deducted from their account! Hence, be it a midnight snack or even a whole new meal, you make the orders, goDutch will sort the bill!

Everyone hates being the mom of the group and the responsible one at the party. But thanks to goDutch, there’s no need for that. The goDutch app effortlessly takes on the boring sorting of the bill so that you can truly chill.

Hence, party all night!
goDutch will handle the bills alright.

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