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How To Make The Most Of This Never-Ending Lockdown

How To Make The Most Of This Never-Ending Lockdown

We all have a bucket list. Things we want to do before we die. Well, a pandemic is more proof than ever that nothing is really in our hands. Hence, in this unpredictable life, the only way is to seize the day.

While the outside might seem chaotic, time has stood still for most of us indoors. Hence, grab this opportunity to achieve all those goals left for later.

Here are some of the pending things you can make a reality:

1. Take Up Your Old Hobby

Everybody Dance Now

We all have that rusty guitar in the corner of our room or rusty dance moves at the corner of our mind. This time by ourselves is a good opportunity to sharpen those skills. Websites like Skillshare are good portals for you to connect with likeminded individuals and master a variety of hobbies. You can even share your journey of self-discovery on social media so that friends, family or even potential fans can see this unique side of you. Eventually, who knows, maybe by the time they figure out the vaccine, this hobby could turn out to be your new scene.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Sense Of Self

Existential Crisis Activated

We’re all going through this pandemic in one way or the other. Use this time to take it easy on yourself and instead of only focusing on what others expect of you, give some thought to what you want from yourself. Quarantine is like solitary confinement but with family and that can be both a boon and a curse. Hence, don’t neglect your mental health and in a time of physical health monitoring, do a mental health check-in too. Anonymous therapy portals like YourDost or even regular ones like BetterHelp and CureFit are incredibly beneficial for this as even a first-timer it’s much less intimidating to give therapy a try. If not therapy, try simple exercises like meditation and even journaling. While we can’t control the chaos on the outside, we sure can do that on the inside.

3. Track Your Personal Finances

Get That Coin

At a time when the economy is a mess and people are being laid off, it’s important to take a gander at your own finances. Most of us have started earning money very recently and the world of taxes and investments can seem really intimidating. Enrich your knowledge by subscribing to the Finshots newsletter, looking up terms on Investopedia and just talking to your CA friends.  It is equally important for you to learn to keep track of your expenses and clear pending dues using group expense tracker apps such as goDutch. You can split bills easily, chat, send reminders and even pay your share via UPI. From simple steps like getting your friends to pay you back, to eventually becoming financially secure, take it one day at a time. Unlike the scenario outside that is not in your hands, your money sure can be.

4. Consider Online Education

Time For A Crash Course

It’s never too late to learn. Especially at a time when we all can do with some distractions. Try out online courses from Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, etc. and pursue a subject of your passion. From online degrees to diplomas and smaller courses on a variety of topics, there’s no end to what you can learn. The only advantage of the time we live in is technology which will allow you to take all of these learnings on your own time. Keeping you well-prepared for a pandemic free-world that shall serve as your oyster.

5. Bond With Family

Hate Them But Also Love Them

This might seem like a staple but most of us in the house are getting on each other’s nerves these days. And on the other hand there are family and friends who are away that we have lost touch with due to how busy our lives have become. The only way to fix both of these things is to use use the technology in our hands as an advantage. Like turning depressing coronavirus conversations into interactive game nights with games like Scrabble at home. Or reconnecting with loved ones using online games like Skribbl to break the ice and make up for lost time. We’re all going to be like this for a while so let’s join forces in ensuring that we all have fun in style.

While we all are just minuscule beings in the larger cosmos of things, we mustn’t forget to focus on ourselves. The pandemic has turned the world upside down but we must try to separate ourselves from the disorder outside and bring some order on the inside. From Sonu Sood becoming a philanthropist to Kanye West almost running for President, 2020 has been full of surprises. The only constant being that nothing is set in stone and that we can try our hand at anything we wish to do.

This time we have is a great opportunity to practice and learn about other things and even ourselves and prepare for a future even though seeming distant, in reality, promising with a world ready to live again.

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