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5 Money Facts You Need To Know: Moving Out Edition

5 Money Facts You Need To Know: Moving Out Edition

Moving out is a big decision. Once you have found the perfect location and the perfect roommate, the task of being independent truly begins.

It’s going to be a big change, be it emotionally or with regards to responsibility.
But, most of all, financially.

It’s time to get that coin while ensuring that things don’t go for a toss!

1. Banking On Yourself

Making Bank

This tops the list of ‘Things-my-parents-should-have-taught-me-before-I-moved-out’. Setting up a bank account (Oh gosh! How many proofs do they need?), getting access to net banking and getting your debit card are the first steps to being financially independent.

The next is to learn how to use net banking and to create a UPI ID linked to your bank account. Having access to a debit card can come in handy for it’s the easiest way to keep your money in your own hands. And in a future post-covid, you’ll need the physical money more than you think!

Financial education sites like offer great insights into money management for newbies. Now all that’s left is to take (money) matters into your own hands!

2. Learning To Budget

Error 404: Money Not Found

After the initial joy of breathing the air of freedom dies out, the daunting responsibilities resurface. You have to shop for your groceries, pay your bills, buy your necessities, maintain your things and even go to the doctor’s office all by yourself.

Apps like Clarity Money, Personal Capital and Every Dollar help you in making your monthly budget in advance while keeping a track of all your transactions.

When it comes to splitting bills between roommates, apps like goDutch serve as a lifesaver. Here, you can not only split your bills and keep track of expenses but also settle via UPI! There are also reminders and a group chat to keep tabs on pending expenses. Make sure to discuss all the money matters beforehand to avoid things from becoming real awkward later on!

3. Saving Little To Save Lots

Time To Cash In

Have you ever seen your mother being a lifesaver in the middle of a family financial crisis? How does she have all that money? The obvious answer is, she SAVES.

Saving small amounts of money for a long period can not only serve as an emergency fund but also can also be used to buy the things you only dreamed of buying. This will also indirectly make you conscious about the way you spend it and will help you ward off the unnecessary expenses.

Even saving a minimum of 150 rupees every month will lead you to save 1800 rupees in a year. Apps like Perfios and Walnut can help you organise your savings. You can set your yearly targets and they will automatically withhold a certain amount every month to help your yearly goal. Keep saving and then treat yourself real soon!

4. Getting Invested In Investments

Legal Money Heist

The thing that most of us are confused with is – What is the difference between saving and investing?

Investments means depositing money to create wealth for long term goals. It is usually done by putting the money into the market by purchasing stocks, bonds or real estate. The risks involved are high and the returns, if favourable, are huge. The liquidity is low when you invest money. So be very sure that you won’t be needing this money in a short while.

There are lots of myths surrounding investments, especially in middle class households (because Sharmaji’s neighbour’s sixth cousin’s nephew lost a huge sum in the stock market 20 years ago). You don’t have to be rich or to have studied the stock market in depth to invest. The only thing you need (after money and knowledge, of course) is consistency. Sites like Moneycontrol, LiveMint and GSN Invest can help the beginners to get a hang of the stock market and help you decide the companies you want to invest in. Lo and behold, you’re all set up for your long-term returns!

5. Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Credit Bachao Aandolan

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of students who use credit cards in India. But, there’s both an upside and a downside to this. Everyone starts out getting a credit card to gain financial independence and try & build their credit score but before they know it, they’ve racked up a huge balance.

Credit card literacy is needed to understand the mechanism on which different cards work and what type of card/ownership would benefit you the most.

Websites like Chime and Investopedia help you learn to use credit cards responsibly and effectively, thereby helping you on your path. Use websites like BankBazaar and OneScore to keep a track of your credit score.

Moving out is a huge step in everyone’s life and monetary issues are the number one cause of exasperation. Handling all the things together for the first time is overwhelming but hey, we learn by trial and error! Though it may seem challenging for a while, it will help you learn financial management in real life.

Get the true value for your money!

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Gearing Up For A Future Post-Covid

Gearing Up For A Future Post-Covid

We’ve gotten so used to the lockdown life that the possibility of normalcy seems almost too unrealistic. But vaccines are being developed and unlocks are under way. Everyone is joining forces to see a world without the coronavirus.

While we are surviving this battle by staying indoors, might as well plan for our lives in this hopeful future. Maybe a new job, a vacation you didn’t take, a plan you kept for later, here are some ways in which you can make this isolation seem like a prequel to something beautiful:

1. Applying To University

Show-off Swaad Anusaar

There’s no age limit to learning. Even parents and grandparents seek degrees well into their careers or even after retirement. Since, education has gone online during this time, maybe take a second to see whether you’d like to join the first offline endeavour when things restart. Masters Studies, College Wise are great sites to check out degrees or refer to a guidance counsellor. Use this time to prep for GMAT, GRE and CAT entrances as most deadlines are around December. Hence, apply now and enjoy your next September abroad!

2. Updating Your CV

Efficiency Ki Bhi Seema Hoti Hai

Most people glance at their CV during placements and just leave them aside forever post that. It’s time to revisit that resume, add your current experience and maybe even take a gander at your goals and whether they’ve changed over the years. Elon Musk’s CV is one of the best known references and sites like Zety and Resume genius are great references for templates and samples respectively. Maybe a glance at your CV could even determine the career choice you take on next.

3. Looking For Your Dream Home

Kahaani Ghar-Ghar Ki

While most of us are isolated in our homes, many have had to move back to their hometowns. During this time of staying in, we’ve realised the importance of our indoors more than ever. So, why not look for an upgrade or change of pace once everything is back to normal? Sites like NoBroker and MagicBricks or even Facebook groups like Flats Without Brokers provide incredible options across the board.
Move out with friends or a partner, or just go solo, but the apocalypse is a better time to check out a good view to go with it.

4. Exploring Dating Apps

Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai

The pandemic has forced most people to do the unthinkable, stay indoors and more so, want to make actual connections. When the present seems so unpredictable and we’ve all been bored at home for ages, every possible connection seems like a much needed gift. Many dating apps like Bumble, Tinder and Hinge are coming out of the woodwork to help people find the love of their life in this pandemic. So put yourself out there and maybe you could find your love in the time of corona or at least the motivation to get that quarantine workout started! A win-win nevertheless.

5. Bond With Family

Vacation Nation

Flights opening up during unlocks gives a really high possibility that we will be able to start traveling soon. Staying indoors with family has even made most introverts dream feel a sense of wanderlust. MakeMyTrip has its exclusive planner as a one-stop shop for planning and bookings but there are also blogs like PracticalWanderlust which highlight personal experiences to ensure that you make an informed decision. When it comes to the trip itself, group expenses apps like goDutch are a must-have. Enjoy your holiday care-free as you split bills with your friends, track balances and settle via UPI with just the click of a button. Make the world your oyster and explore away!

All of this dreaming and planning for 2021 is the best way to make the most of 2020. From studying abroad to travelling or even just thinking about your dream purchases, the ray of hope goes a long way.

Rather than wonder about when we’ll finally be able to go out, it’s time to think about what we’ll do once we’re out!

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How To Make The Most Of This Never-Ending Lockdown

How To Make The Most Of This Never-Ending Lockdown

We all have a bucket list. Things we want to do before we die. Well, a pandemic is more proof than ever that nothing is really in our hands. Hence, in this unpredictable life, the only way is to seize the day.

While the outside might seem chaotic, time has stood still for most of us indoors. Hence, grab this opportunity to achieve all those goals left for later.

Here are some of the pending things you can make a reality:

1. Take Up Your Old Hobby

Everybody Dance Now

We all have that rusty guitar in the corner of our room or rusty dance moves at the corner of our mind. This time by ourselves is a good opportunity to sharpen those skills. Websites like Skillshare are good portals for you to connect with likeminded individuals and master a variety of hobbies. You can even share your journey of self-discovery on social media so that friends, family or even potential fans can see this unique side of you. Eventually, who knows, maybe by the time they figure out the vaccine, this hobby could turn out to be your new scene.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Sense Of Self

Existential Crisis Activated

We’re all going through this pandemic in one way or the other. Use this time to take it easy on yourself and instead of only focusing on what others expect of you, give some thought to what you want from yourself. Quarantine is like solitary confinement but with family and that can be both a boon and a curse. Hence, don’t neglect your mental health and in a time of physical health monitoring, do a mental health check-in too. Anonymous therapy portals like YourDost or even regular ones like BetterHelp and CureFit are incredibly beneficial for this as even a first-timer it’s much less intimidating to give therapy a try. If not therapy, try simple exercises like meditation and even journaling. While we can’t control the chaos on the outside, we sure can do that on the inside.

3. Track Your Personal Finances

Get That Coin

At a time when the economy is a mess and people are being laid off, it’s important to take a gander at your own finances. Most of us have started earning money very recently and the world of taxes and investments can seem really intimidating. Enrich your knowledge by subscribing to the Finshots newsletter, looking up terms on Investopedia and just talking to your CA friends.  It is equally important for you to learn to keep track of your expenses and clear pending dues using group expense tracker apps such as goDutch. You can split bills easily, chat, send reminders and even pay your share via UPI. From simple steps like getting your friends to pay you back, to eventually becoming financially secure, take it one day at a time. Unlike the scenario outside that is not in your hands, your money sure can be.

4. Consider Online Education

Time For A Crash Course

It’s never too late to learn. Especially at a time when we all can do with some distractions. Try out online courses from Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, etc. and pursue a subject of your passion. From online degrees to diplomas and smaller courses on a variety of topics, there’s no end to what you can learn. The only advantage of the time we live in is technology which will allow you to take all of these learnings on your own time. Keeping you well-prepared for a pandemic free-world that shall serve as your oyster.

5. Bond With Family

Hate Them But Also Love Them

This might seem like a staple but most of us in the house are getting on each other’s nerves these days. And on the other hand there are family and friends who are away that we have lost touch with due to how busy our lives have become. The only way to fix both of these things is to use use the technology in our hands as an advantage. Like turning depressing coronavirus conversations into interactive game nights with games like Scrabble at home. Or reconnecting with loved ones using online games like Skribbl to break the ice and make up for lost time. We’re all going to be like this for a while so let’s join forces in ensuring that we all have fun in style.

While we all are just minuscule beings in the larger cosmos of things, we mustn’t forget to focus on ourselves. The pandemic has turned the world upside down but we must try to separate ourselves from the disorder outside and bring some order on the inside. From Sonu Sood becoming a philanthropist to Kanye West almost running for President, 2020 has been full of surprises. The only constant being that nothing is set in stone and that we can try our hand at anything we wish to do.

This time we have is a great opportunity to practice and learn about other things and even ourselves and prepare for a future even though seeming distant, in reality, promising with a world ready to live again.

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5 Incredible Ways To Optimise Your Daily Life

5 Incredible Ways To Optimise Your Daily Life

Quarantine life can seem endless. Every day seemingly the same with a mundaneness taking over. But in this time of absolute chaos, focusing on yourself can bring about a semblance of normalcy. And not all of us are naturals like Marie Kondo and might need some extra help. That’s where technology comes to the rescue.

Here are some ways to be productive with the apps that help you do it :

1. Reduce Social Media Usage

Message Received

Social media can be a boon and a curse at the same time. While it can be an escape from grim realities, it can also be a virtual quicksand that seamlessly eats up all of your time. In order to get work done and even reduce harmful amounts of screen time, apps like App Block and Anti-Social are great. App Block can block annoying apps and notifications between specific times so that you can focus on work whereas Anti-Social scores you based on your smart phone usage, making you realise the magnitude of it. Hence, helping you live in less of a virtual reality.

2. Work Towards Getting Healthier

Fitness Is My Passion

You might not want to aim for a quarantine body but even 20 minute workouts a day are a help for the necessary dopamine release. Between the cacophony of news and work zoom calls, you need to find time for yourself. Apps like Headspace help you work on guided meditation sessions to help you deal with any other anxieties in your life. There’s even 30 Day Fitness with a month long fitness plan where the definite time helps keep you motivated to reach your goals. There might be pain but there will definitely be exponential gain.

3. Keep Track Of Your Finances

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Money is usually a problem for all millennials. We suddenly go from a relaxed life in college to rent and taxes in the blink of an eye. Banking apps like ICICI, HDFC, SBI and more play a great role here as they’re extremely easy to use and help you keep track of your money in an instant. When it comes to spending that money wisely, bill-splitting apps like goDutch help. You can split your bills and even settle them instantly via UPI. You can also keep track of your expenses and even send reminders for pending payments. Becoming a personal finance whiz is just a click away.

4. Take Note Of Your Work

Somehow I Manage

When it comes to your daily work itself, the monotony can lead to unintentional slip ups. Sometimes, even noting things down isn’t enough. Here’s where apps like Todoist help which organise your tasks and set reminders for the same. When it comes to ideas that come to you at random times of the day, Evernote is a gem as it helps you take these notes and syncs across all of your devices. Keeping your work organised is what eventually helps to truly facilitate a work-life balance.

5. Calm Your Nerves

Relaxation Nation

Relaxation isn’t limited to meditation. It can actually be a fun activity with games. Calming games like Terrarium and Infinity Loop help relax your brain in between the downward spiral that is 2020. Solve puzzles on the phone to fix the mess that are the thoughts in your mind. A pandemic can be overwhelming on the daily hence, employing such techniques is necessary to de-stress.

Technology has helped us understand the possibilities of multi-tasking. But, we mustn’t forget that at the end of the day, we’re all still human. Hence, it’s necessary to fight fire with fire and use that very technology to ensure that there isn’t a complete takeover of our lives.

Hopefully, these tips help you go from being buried in technology to actually living life by transforming you from Mr. Robot to Mr. Worldwide.

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How To Make Money From Your Hobbies ft. Phoebe from ‘Friends’

How To Make Money From Your Hobbies ft. Phoebe from ‘Friends’

From the fitness turned business influencer, ‘BeerBiceps’ to the housewife turned chef icon ‘Kabitas Kitchen’, social media has helped many Indians turn their hobbies into a full-time career. Even the biggest names in YouTube like ‘MostlySane’ and ‘BhuvanBam’ never thought they’d have a chance to quit their day job and pursue their dream of making comedy videos full-time.

But if the pandemic is any evidence, content is needed now more than ever and mediums keep popping up to connect it to its consumers.

Even with the death of TikTok many replacement apps like Triller, Roposo and Moj popped up in no time and the biggest twist being Instagram starting its own reel feature as an in-built version of the same.

So, here are the steps you need to take in order to turn your hobby into a possible career –

1. Brand Yourself


What’s In A Name?

Whether it’s cooking, fitness, music, comedy or anything else, make it your identity i.e. the very thing you’re known for. For starters, showcase your work on social media. Make it your digital CV of sorts. Gauge your competition, see what everyone else is doing and eventually come up with how you’ll do it differently. In a time where a meme like ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ went viral and brought a well-deserved fan following overnight to a talented musician, the sky is the limit! Get creative and carve your niche and maybe someday you too can get a music video for a song about your very own stinky pet.

2. Leverage Technology


From Not-working To Networking

It’s time to inform everyone that you will be taking requests. From cooking/fitness tutorials to freelance graphic designing, there are tons of ways to make money. Use technology like Zoom for conducting classes/webinars, Insta live for engaging with your followers and even platforms like Patreon for monthly memberships with custom work. Make your friends share your work on social media and don’t forget to reach out to other people for collaborations. Keep a track of referrals from existing clients. While most jobs need prior experience, here there’s a level playing field. You’re your own boss, the office is at your laptop, so simply, let your work speak for itself.,that’s%20beneficial%20in%20some%20way

3. Figure Payment


Be Your Own Vasooli

You might be new in the scene, but never undercharge. You may start with a few free projects in the beginning to get the word out and build some credibility. But after that, know your worth and ask for it. Ensure that everything is documented, send invoices, keep track of payments too. Apps like goDutch can be beneficial for this very task as you can receive payments there via UPI, keep track of them and even send reminders if there are delays. You can even set up online stores like Etsy and InstaMojo for merchandise as you expand your revenue model. This hobby could possibly be a full-time career so treat it with the utmost seriousness. Put all of your energy in delivering your best work and get your money from all clients and punks alike.

4. Learn To Say No


At first you might hope to take every opportunity you’re getting. But there’s a point where you need to differentiate between a difficult project and a difficult client. Bad clients will be detrimental to your business in every way possible. They’ll pay poorly, be extremely difficult to work with and then at the end of it all they won’t even be the ones you could rely on for a good review. Save your energy and learn to say no to such clients and before you know it, you’ll find someone else who actually values your work.

5. Set Future Goals


What’s The Game Plan?

Think about where you see this hobby going. Whether you want to turn it into a collaborative effort or a solo business and when exactly you see all of this happening. Set up milestones that you desire to achieve. Think of what resources you would need to hit each milestone in your journey – from hiring additional team members to turn it into a larger business or simply investing in more equipment for a solo initiative. This might sound overwhelming, but all of this planning helps in the long term. Don’t be afraid to learn, consult others and explore all available options to come to an informed decision. Take it step by step and stay on high alert to get the most out of your talent. And before you know it, you’ll have way more than just a ‘pla’ to put into action.

YouTubers and other social media influencers have made the get-rich-quick idea seem almost too easily achievable. But the reality is that for every successful one, there are hundreds or even thousands who are still trying or simply didn’t make it. Hence, rather than being pessimistic or going all starry-eyed towards your dream, a strategy is imperative.

Keep your day job, give your one hundred percent to the hobby and gradually, hone your hobby into a medium of steady revenue.

People are starting businesses even in this pandemic as we speak.
So, what are you waiting for?
Your dream is just a click away.

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Money Management Lessons From Sitcom Characters

Money Management Lessons From Sitcom Characters

Binge-watching is an underrated form of learning. It’s between those laughs and shocking moments that you realize you’ve had a preview into some of the best lessons of your life. You see how each character evolves over the years and as they grow and mature, so do you.

We have seen characters change for the better, with immature ones like Jake Peralta settling down, competitive ones like Sheldon Cooper becoming more empathetic and spoiled ones like Rachel Green becoming financially independent. While we have enough learnings to prepare a binder that’d put Amy Santiago to shame, let’s put together some essentials for money management.

1. Take Charge of Your Money: 


Pony Up

Earning money is the first step of adulting. But it doesn’t stop there. Understanding your money is a whole new ballgame. Whether you work in a corporate or create a startup like Maeve, always know where your money goes. Keep track of what is deducted for taxes, choose the account where it’ll be transferred to. Of course take help from your parents at first but be sure to take charge eventually as that’s the first step towards being a financially secure adult.

2. Be Smart About Your Savings: 

jean raphio


Savings are essential. The first few earnings can feel like an amazing rush but with every treat and party scene, they’ll deplete sooner than you think. To ensure that your bank account is an oasis and not a mirage fooling the eye, it’s imperative to start saving up. If you’re getting a credit card in order to keep your savings aside, be sure to not rack up the bill so much that you end up doing just the opposite and need your savings to pay off your credit card debt. Therefore, instead of pulling an Entertainment720, whether you set money aside in a separate savings account or manage to not splurge too much, find a way and save each day.

3. Invest Well: 


Beet The Odds

From mutual funds to fixed deposits, there are several ways to invest your money. When you manage to make a significant amount, be sure to invest it one way or another. Even shares are a good option as long as your knowledge is solid or you have a consultant. But today even the consultant aspect has gone digital with online stock investment apps like Zerodha which give you all the information you need with the click of a button. A mere Rs. 1,000 invested in Infosys in 1993 would be worth Rs. 40 Lakhs today. Therefore, venture on your own or bring in an expert and maybe you could purchase your own office building like Dwight someday.

4. Adapt To Online Payments: 



A lot of money is saved via online payments rather than cash since a lot of apps and websites provide discounts for digital transactions. From fancy restaurants to even ration shops, everybody is going cashless. Paying via UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has become super easy for payments big or small, eliminating the hassle of carrying cash around. One can even avoid the endless lines at the bank using internet banking as all the services can be accessed right in your phone. Technology has come a long way to reduce the hassles between you and your purchases. An example would be bill-splitting apps like goDutch where group expenses can be tracked or even settled instantly via UPI. There are even great discounts for signing up. Hence, inadvertently saving you money while spending it. Much like Mr.Robot, it’s time to go digital and contactless (rather essential in this pandemic).

5. Chart A Plan: 

amy santiago

Big Binder Energy

Keep financial goals for yourself. House you might want to buy, car you’d want to own, places you’d want to travel to, etc. It’s important that you don’t get stuck in a rut and keep working towards higher goals. For the key to financial management is adapting with your goals and the changing times. Plan ahead and maybe you too will have a binder charting your achievements from Ray to Z.

While all of this might seem overwhelming, if you take it one day at a time, you’ll reach your goals sooner than you think. Starting from maybe purchasing a Netflix subscription to hopefully owning your dream house someday.

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