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Top 5 Netflix Series To Understand More About Money

Top 5 Netflix Series To Understand More About Money

In today’s age, the whole world of teaching has gone beyond the conventional classroom setting. From learning to change a tyre to the theory of relativity, everything is available at the click of a button! Money and finances are topics we usually dread and are the bane of our existence once we start to truly become adults and earn a living.

But what if there’s a way to get insights into the financial world and keep it entertaining at the same time?

Here are some Netflix shows which will help you understand more about money:

1. Money Heist

Though the show might at the surface seem like just a heist crime drama, there’s a lot more to explore within its narrative. The biggest financial lesson given by the Professor’s character and the show itself – is planning. 

Being two steps ahead is essential to achieve the financial future one desires. The show itself is beautifully filmed and shows the concept of robbery with a much deeper perspective as a form of protest against fascism. It also shows a different side of the criminals, with a view of their more human side.

2. Dirty Money

When learning about money, we’ve got to learn about where things went wrong. ‘Dirty Money provides the best insight into that. You get to learn about corporate corruption, securities fraud and even the concept of creative accounting. 

‘Creative accounting’ provides s a deep dive into how the biggest of brands and companies have time and again “cooked the books” and changed figures to con people about their profits. The documentary series leaves no stone unturned in covering a wide variety of known names from brands like Volkswagen to even America’s ex-president, Donald Trump. 

3. Start-Up

Every person you know these days has jumped on the K drama bandwagon and rightfully so. It’s time to discover the beauty of tv and film across the globe and beyond British and American shows. This show gives a sneak peek into the world of entrepreneurship. 

We get to see the rare female perspective here of a dream that many have had – ‘to become the next Steve Jobs. If you’ve got a love for the K drama romance but want to see it in a busy and unpredictable start-up world, this show is one for you.

4. Bad Boy Billionaires

We’ve heard of these controversies over the news and even more at family gatherings where conspiracy theories have been discussed on end. This anthology web series helps us get a closer look at each of the biggest controversies that the financial atmosphere of India has come across. 

From Vijay Mallya to Nirav Modi, the corruption that led to the biggest financial scams of the century, this show gives a great insight into the dark side of money. You get to see the life of the scammers and their journey, rise and eventual downfall.

5. The China Hustle

While most finance documentaries could be seen at face value as a snooze fest, The China Hustle on the contrary stands apart as one of the grittiest stories you’ve seen. Involving Chinese companies and the American stock market, it’s about one of the biggest fraudulent practices that ran unnoticed for decades on end. You get to see an unsettling side of the stock market and one of the biggest wall-street controversies that don’t leave even a moment for you to rest. 

With the whole dogecoin and stock market entering the mainstream conversation, this shows an important perspective to see how such big scams have affected the lives of regular people even today.

Money doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring topic. And these shows are proof of that. They’ll give you such obscure knowledge that by the end of it you’ll be putting your CA cousin’s fun facts to shame.

So, pick a show, goDutch on a food order and enjoy your binge night with friends!

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6 Good Financial Habits For You

6 Good Financial Habits For You

Whether you’re earning an exorbitant salary or making just the bare minimum, it’s necessary to have financial knowledge, for smart financial decisions play a vital role in shaping your future.

Here are some good financial habits that will surely help you in the lockdown:

1. Educate Yourself

You might have almost no clue about financial jargon so the very first step is to take some notes. The Jupiter Millions Community provides a detailed understanding of broad financial topics ranging from simple money management to pivotal financial decisions.

There’s also ‘Clueless’ by Tanmay Bhat where the comedian breaks down complicated financial concepts into layman terms with some comedic banter on the side. Find the medium of your choice and gather all of the info possible for you need this ammunition to get closer to achieving your financial goals.

2. Invest Your Money

It’s important to not just earn money but to ensure that your money makes money. Investments can be an intimidating topic to understand but there are several apps which help make them not just less difficult but also, fun!

Groww helps you keep track of your stocks, mutual funds, FDs and a variety of investments whereas Zerodha is primarily focused on trading itself. Bringing in apps helps make this educational every step of the way and helps you control your funds with the click of a button!

3. Pay Later When Necessary

Paying from your debit card might not be the good financial option you think it is. For sometimes there can be several expenses together and the expenditure can put quite the dent in your account. Here, you can opt for a pay later option from apps like Simpl and spend money upto a certain limit and pay later.

Slice Pay is a micro-loan app which provides larger loans but operates in the same way. Other than that there’s always Paisa Bazaar to check for a plethora of credit card options that suit you best. Using your credit card and accumulating a good credit score can even help you with loans in the future.

4. Opt For Discounts

Discounts might not seem super important, but when a lot of them pile up, you do end up saving a significant chunk of money. GrabOn and CouponDuniya are easy portals to access discounts ranging from small clothing items to expensive flight tickets! Nearbuy too is a source to find out about great gift card deals ranging from restaurants to spas and much more! 

You could also opt for offers like ZomatoPro where you’re rewarded for spending money by saving on food orders and getting free meals/drinks at restaurants.

5. Budgeting And Expense Tracking

Whether your salary is small or big, budgeting is always essential. It’s a habit that will be great in the long run and you can save a lot of money when you take a closer look at unnecessary expenditures. Apps like Walnut are great for this as they continuously provide you a summary of your expenditure.

Hence, you can then accordingly set savings goals for future purchases to sustain your drive to be financially responsible.


6. Be Smart With Expenses

Being financially responsible isn’t just a one-time thing. But a way of life. Being smart with daily expenses is the most important financial habit one can ever have. The goDutch app is the easiest friend to get you through this.

You can use the app to effortlessly split your group bills, track expenses with friends and settle them via UPI, all-one place! The app can also make your rent payments more systematic, send notifications of recurring expenses and help you keep track of bills using a group chat and even reminders!

There are a plethora of solutions at our disposal and all we need to do is put our fondness for technology to good use. A ton of financial knowledge is just a click away hence, instead of going in blind, you can now have a well-charted plan to actually achieve your monetary goals. There’s the old saying called ‘Don’t work hard but work smart’.

Hence, adopt these key financial habits and ensure that you have your money in control instead of being controlled by it.

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Planning A Fun Day For You And Your Roommates

Planning A Fun Day For You And Your Roommates

When we move out from our homes, we simply move from one family to another. Roommates are another kind of family where they’re your friends, siblings and even parents, all-in-one! But in the monotony of daily life, we sometimes forget to take a moment out for some quality family time.

Here’s how goDutch can help you have a truly fruitful day with your new family:

1. Morning – It’s All Working Out

Try starting your morning with a little workout! Exercise is surely the most difficult thing to motivate oneself for, other than getting up in the morning. But it does get easier when you’re taking the action on as a team.

From gym to even Zumba or parkour, there are a plethora of options! You could opt for something like Cult Fit ranging from yoga to even dancing whereas there’s Mumbai Parkour for an even more intense workout. It’ll help bring in some great bonding and as a bonus, keep your fitness in check!

2. Afternoon – Masterchef: All Amateurs

A good workout deserves a hearty meal. But this itself can be turned into a fun activity too! Cooking is extremely calming and can be an innovative experiment. You and your roommates can whip up some easy recipes in a matter of minutes! You could easily use Dunzo or Big Basket to conveniently get groceries.

Moreover, Swiggy Instamart recently introduced ‘The Better Half’ Cookbook. With an innovative style of divided kitchen duties so that cooking is less of a confusing experience and more of a team effort. Though, originally meant for partners, it works for families, friends and roommates alike!

3. Evening – City-Wide Wanderlust

As the Sun begins to set, it’s time for a change of scenery! Why not explore the city with your friends? You could either take an Ola or an Uber to roam about or better, go for a Yulu bike and add a new twist to your journey! There are also great forums like ‘Things To Do In Bombay’ to help you tick off a bunch of things on your checklist!

4. Night – Putting The Watch In Watch List

Finally, the night can conclude with a good old binge-watching session. It could range from an old show to signing up to a new subscription altogether! From Netflix to Hotstar or even something on YouTube Premium, the choices can be really overwhelming.

But splitting a subscription bill can be far worse to handle. But here’s where you can opt for goDutch. Just one of you can pay for it at the time, add the expense on the app, while the others could settle up their shares easily via UPI. No pending payments and hence, the show goes on non-stop.

Life with roommates can seem like a dream on most days but can also be a nightmare every once in a while. It’s good to take a day every once in a while, to truly leave everything aside and focus on simply spending time together.

goDutch can help be that bonus roommate that helps make your life easier. From splitting bills to sending reminders and even automating rent payments, goDutch has you covered!

Don’t split hairs over monies,
But split bills and relax with roomies.

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Putting goDutch To Work, At Work

Putting goDutch To Work, At Work

Every standard 9-5 job can get more chaotic than it seems. Eventually you’re in over your head and the possibility of managing a work-life balance seems like a distant dream.

But, fret not!

Here’s how the goDutch app helps put the little hurdles in your work life on autopilot to ensure a smooth ride –

1. Splitting Bills At Lunch

When there’s urgent deadlines, it’s all hands on deck. Hence, lunches and dinners at office become a practically daily ritual. Most of the time, the project might get over but the bill sorting remains. Why add another tedious task when you have so much on your plate?

Simply add expenses on the goDutch app and it’ll sort everyone’s share out in an instant! Hence you can focus on the more important things, like whether to order shawarma or pizza! Or both!

2. Settling Balances For Commute

When travelling to office, most people carpool or go in groups to make their lives easier but sometimes that ends up being a devil in disguise. For each day’s cash transactions for commute can pile up to a sizeable amount over months which remains pending for almost infinity.

Here, the goDutch app puts an end to the ambiguity for you can add your expense and settle it manually or via UPI, all in one place!

3. Rewards For Referring Co-Workers

Making friends at work is truly blissful for the work doesn’t seem like work anymore! Here’s adding cherry on the cake by bringing in the goDutch ‘Udhaari Credits’.

All you need to do is refer your friends on the goDutch app and you could end up getting a discount of upto Rs. 5000 on paying friends back. Finally, get rewarded for what most of us are best at, spending money!

4. Optimising Your Business With goDutch

Other than office lunches or commute, the app can not only just help with recreation but also help make your work itself easier too! Every business outsources work or has emergency expenses which become hard to keep track of. But worry not, for you can use the goDutch app to keep track of those expenses within a group chat and even send reminders for a pending payment or project.

You can refer to previous payments too and ensure that all of that external expenditure is tracked with just a click of a button!

5. goDutch Card At Off-Sites

Off-sites are probably the best part of being in a workplace. They bring back the memories of the good old school days and it’s good to finally unwind with the team you work with day in and day out. But these trips can sometimes become a burden instead of a blessing when the costs of one day create an added hangover on the next.

Here, the goDutch card is the extra colleague you truly need. For all you need to do is connect your linked payment method to the virtual card, then if just one of you uses it, everyone’s share is deducted from their respective account.

Hence, settling group payments in real time so that the fun doesn’t stop while you make payments on the go!

Keeping your office expenses on autopilot helps make your work-life a breeze.

And the goDutch app will provide that very exact help with great ease.

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Is The goDutch App Safe And Secure?

Is The goDutch App Safe And Secure?

Online payments are fairly common today but most people are still a bit hesitant to go through with them. Most millennials might be super active on social media but when it comes to connecting their bank information to a digital transaction…they always get befuddled.

But now since digital is the way to go, here’s why goDutch should be your go-to for splitting bills & expenses:

1. Assurance With UPI Payments On goDutch

goDutch is an app where you can not only split bills but settle them via UPI! Every user’s UPI information is safe as it is processed by India’s leading payment gateway, Razorpay.

Your UPI information is simply collected so that you and your friends can easily conduct transactions. And it is impossible for any transactions to happen without your authorisation as each of them requires your security pin.

2. Card Information Isn’t Stored

The goDutch card can easily be connected to your debit or credit card in order to process group payments in real-time!

The app doesn’t store your card information on its server, just verifies it. Therefore, ensuring that your banking information is safe and in your own hands.

3. Partnered With Reputed Bank

The goDutch virtual card enables friends to conduct group payments in real time. Just one person uses the card and everyone else’s share is deducted from their respective payment methods in one go.

You can even use the card to avail exclusive discounts on Furlenco, Myntra and more! While this system saves time, in no way does it compromise on security by ensuring that goDutch has passed all of the app vulnerability tests under CSB Bank.

4. Best Practices Implemented

There is an implementation of best practices under the guidance of the in-house technical architect of our cloud service provider AWS.

The app is also constantly monitored with frequent testing in order to curate the best possible experience for its users.

5. Experienced Team

The team consists of stellar engineers who are the backbone of goDutch.

They have worked at multiple fast-growing tech startups and are thus incredibly familiar with and have implemented all kinds of security measures.

Think we missed something? Then send us your queries to and we’ll be happy to answer them!

The goDutch app aims to not just be an app but more of an experience. The goal is to become the responsible member of your friend group, the ‘mom’ per se. Where they keep track of money, ensure all bills are handled while you can have a nice time stress-free.

Also, you can save money while spending it! Refer friends on the goDutch app and earn upto Rs.5000!

Now that you’ve seen our security measures are a ton,
Time to goDutch and have some fun!

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How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party With goDutch

How To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party With goDutch

1. The ‘where and when’

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some like to have loud and extravagant birthday parties with a lot of people, while some might enjoy a small gathering of their close friends.

After you do that and decide what your friend would like, you can come up with a budget plan as per the setting of the party. An easy and efficient way to keep a track of expenses is using the goDutch app. You can keep adding expenses in the group chat and keep track of costs and ensure that your expenses are under control while the party is truly out of control!

add expense godutch

2. The ‘who all’

You know everything there is to know about your best friend. So you might definitely know the people they are close to and would like to be there on their special day. While inviting people can seem taxing, here’s a way it pays to have a friend – refer them to goDutch! Referring friends to the goDutch app helps you earn ‘Udhaari Credits’ which help you save money on future udhaari! Hence, when spending money now, you end up saving money in the future!

Running after people to get payments done is a true buzzkill, hence by digitising bill splits, you no longer have to worry about ruining the vibe!

3. The ‘who owes who’

While the birthday might be one, events might be many. From the pre-party to the party and the after-party, it could all get really messy. Different people could pay for different things and no one wants the hangover of sorting money. An easy way to organise this, is done by goDutch’s ‘Simplify Balances’ feature which pools in everyone’s  balances so that you get an overall picture of net-net who owes who.

Therefore, while you ensure that everyone has a good time, goDutch ensures that everyone will get their money back.

4. The ‘what’

Giving your best friend a thoughtful and heartwarming gift is sometimes even better than the party itself. You can either get something separately or get a great gift as a group! Here there could be issues in case one person has to pay in advance, but fret not!

For they won’t need to sit and wait for a payment till the end of time as the goDutch app allows people to settle their expenses via UPI! Hence, the payments will be done and the party can go on!

5. The ‘what if’

Every party has emergencies. From last moment guests to decorations to snacks and these things can surely go over budget. Here’s where the goDutch card serves as a lifesaver.

If even one person in the group utilises the goDutch card for a purchase, everyone’s share is automatically deducted from their account! Hence, be it a midnight snack or even a whole new meal, you make the orders, goDutch will sort the bill!

Everyone hates being the mom of the group and the responsible one at the party. But thanks to goDutch, there’s no need for that. The goDutch app effortlessly takes on the boring sorting of the bill so that you can truly chill.

Hence, party all night!
goDutch will handle the bills alright.

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