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goDutch – The Perfect Third Wheel For Your Date

goDutch – The Perfect Third Wheel For Your Date

The pandemic gave us unforeseen challenges and dating was one of them. The definition of dating changed and virtual dates were added to the dictionary. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble witnessed a 140% surge in the number of users in the lockdown. But things are going back to normal and you can finally meet the cute guy/girl you matched with!

goDutch is here with you on every step of your romantic adventure and is the true third wheel you deserve –

1. The First Date

You’re on a date with the cute guy/girl you matched with, feeling amazing about yourself, joking and flirting and having a jolly time but it’s now coming to an end and the bill has arrived!

One person usually ends up paying the bill for both. But times have changed! Chivalry is now a two-way street. Splitting bills on dates is the new norm and we are here to make it easier than ever! goDutch lets you add an expense on their contact number and automatically splits the bill and on unfortunate times when you forget your wallet/purse, it even lets you settle your share later via UPI!

2. It’s Official

After a few dates, you two finally start dating! It’s a brand new relationship and you want to spend most of your time together. You explore around the city and go to restaurants or watch a movie together. But you also want to keep track of your expenses so that you don’t go broke!

With goDutch, you can add expenses of your dates, track them and even chat with your significant other so that you never lose a record of your cherished moments together!

You are having the time of your life with them and before you realise, your first anniversary is coming up! You can just scroll up your chats on goDutch and look at your previous date nights to recreate them on your special day.

3. You And Me Against The World

Things are going great with your partner so you go from exploring the city to exploring the world together. Vacations are meant to blow off some steam and keep the stress, anxieties and calculations away to just have a peaceful and adventurous time with our favourite human. But holidays come at a cost and it’s a tedious task to calculate your share for everything while simultaneously trying to have the time of your life.

Wouldn’t it be easier if your share got automatically deducted so that you can truly enjoy without worrying about the trivial things? Well, goDutch card does exactly that!

You and your partner just have to link your respective payment methods to the goDutch card and whenever you pay with the card, your share is automatically deducted. You can also avail exciting discounts on brands like Myntra, Swiggy, Box8, etc to truly go crazy when pampering your better half.

4. Making Moves

You both are now ready to take things to the next level and decide to move-in together! Live-in relationships make your bond stronger than ever and help you get to know the other person better. But a majority of this time spent together goes in daily chores where you could very soon go from being in each other’s arms to at each other’s throats.

How to keep track of regular grocery expenses and monthly subscriptions without the hassles and the blame game of who forgot to pay? With goDutch, your recurring expenses will be added automatically each month! Hence by avoiding such speed bumps, it ensures that your relationship is a smooth ride.

We may or may not get a Bollywood style romantic story but in order to find true love we need to put in the effort and take chances. It’s not about the frills but also the work and goDutch ensures that it’s done easily.

Hence, this Valentine’s day when you take a chance on love….
Don’t forget to take a chance on goDutch!

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