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Back To College: Zoom Edition

Back To College: Zoom Edition

As children, we all would have loved the idea of an endless vacation but the lockdown today has made this break seem like a punishment prank. There’s never-ending homework, the feeling of impending doom, and hangouts with friends is only possible through Google hangouts.

During such uncertain times, some stability is essential.

Here are some tips to achieving the coveted study-life balance –

1. Planning Instead Of Panicking

Yours Anxiously

Studying a ton without any breaks leads to an eventual burnout whereas studying inconsistently leads to a procrastination loop that you can’t get out of. Instead of getting overwhelmed and distracting yourself with food, it’s time for some crisis management. All this time spent indoors, if used wisely, can give you a leg-up heading into your college restart. You can try out Intelligent’s steps for a study plan or even check Pinterest for interesting ways to make your to-do lists. If you can make planning a sweet activity, studying will be a piece of cake.

2. Opting For Online Courses

Turning Video And Brain Off

There’s no real age where we must stop learning for it is a lifetime process. Thanks to the age of technology, all kinds of information is available online at the click of a button. You can opt for solving your doubts using YouTube videos or even read research papers for a deeper analysis, from portals like ENotes for literature majors or AskIITians for all-round IIT exam preparation there are a lot of valuable subscriptions that you can opt for. Hence, the lack of an in-person education is compensated by the power of the internet.

3. Getting Your Money Back

Vasooli Time

From supplies to notes, student expenses can get pretty heavy on the wallet. After draining most of our pocket money, we’re left with a measly amount for ourselves. Maybe it’s time to do some vasooli as the unofficial ATM of your friend group.

Paying each other back and even splitting food order bills for your Zoom birthday parties can seem like a hassle online. Here’s where bill-splitting apps like goDutch are an easy go-to. Send food orders/birthday gifts without the chaos of sorting money. You can split bills, track expenses, and even settle via UPI, all in one place. There’s a group chat to co-ordinate and even reminders for any dues that are yet to be settled. Finally, something you can truly bank on in order to not be the default bank of the friend group.

4. Looking For Student Discounts

Paisa Hi Paisa Hoga

Discounts are a perk of college life that you get to enjoy even when indoors. You can check the lists on Grabon where there are discounts on items ranging from online courses to even plane tickets and theme parks. There are also brands like Lenovo and HP that offer laptops at subsidized prices to make students’ lives easier.

5. Getting Creative With The Hangouts

Kismat Connection

Our entire world has gone online with the blink of an eye. From webinars to events like college festivals, we’ve all mastered a way to do it digitally. But when it comes to reliving happy memories with friends, sometimes just video calls aren’t enough. Here the only way to distract oneself from the existential dread is to engage in games and group activities that are new to everybody.

Games like Among Us that are easily accessible on the phone and highly simple are a fun way to bond. Netflix Party is another way you can connect with your friends and family and relive your cherished movies via chat. We’re going to be stuck like this for a bit, but the party doesn’t stop. It just needs to move online.

This isn’t the student life we dreamed of but hey, it’s not the end of the world! And while it might seem like the apocalypse, it could actually end up being the single most unique experience of our generation.

So, while we’re home, let’s make the most of it.

From turn up to learn up!

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