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5 Incredible Ways To Optimise Your Daily Life

5 Incredible Ways To Optimise Your Daily Life

Quarantine life can seem endless. Every day seemingly the same with a mundaneness taking over. But in this time of absolute chaos, focusing on yourself can bring about a semblance of normalcy. And not all of us are naturals like Marie Kondo and might need some extra help. That’s where technology comes to the rescue.

Here are some ways to be productive with the apps that help you do it :

1. Reduce Social Media Usage

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Social media can be a boon and a curse at the same time. While it can be an escape from grim realities, it can also be a virtual quicksand that seamlessly eats up all of your time. In order to get work done and even reduce harmful amounts of screen time, apps like App Block and Anti-Social are great. App Block can block annoying apps and notifications between specific times so that you can focus on work whereas Anti-Social scores you based on your smart phone usage, making you realise the magnitude of it. Hence, helping you live in less of a virtual reality.

2. Work Towards Getting Healthier

Fitness Is My Passion

You might not want to aim for a quarantine body but even 20 minute workouts a day are a help for the necessary dopamine release. Between the cacophony of news and work zoom calls, you need to find time for yourself. Apps like Headspace help you work on guided meditation sessions to help you deal with any other anxieties in your life. There’s even 30 Day Fitness with a month long fitness plan where the definite time helps keep you motivated to reach your goals. There might be pain but there will definitely be exponential gain.

3. Keep Track Of Your Finances

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Money is usually a problem for all millennials. We suddenly go from a relaxed life in college to rent and taxes in the blink of an eye. Banking apps like ICICI, HDFC, SBI and more play a great role here as they’re extremely easy to use and help you keep track of your money in an instant. When it comes to spending that money wisely, bill-splitting apps like goDutch help. You can split your bills and even settle them instantly via UPI. You can also keep track of your expenses and even send reminders for pending payments. Becoming a personal finance whiz is just a click away.

4. Take Note Of Your Work

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When it comes to your daily work itself, the monotony can lead to unintentional slip ups. Sometimes, even noting things down isn’t enough. Here’s where apps like Todoist help which organise your tasks and set reminders for the same. When it comes to ideas that come to you at random times of the day, Evernote is a gem as it helps you take these notes and syncs across all of your devices. Keeping your work organised is what eventually helps to truly facilitate a work-life balance.

5. Calm Your Nerves

Relaxation Nation

Relaxation isn’t limited to meditation. It can actually be a fun activity with games. Calming games like Terrarium and Infinity Loop help relax your brain in between the downward spiral that is 2020. Solve puzzles on the phone to fix the mess that are the thoughts in your mind. A pandemic can be overwhelming on the daily hence, employing such techniques is necessary to de-stress.

Technology has helped us understand the possibilities of multi-tasking. But, we mustn’t forget that at the end of the day, we’re all still human. Hence, it’s necessary to fight fire with fire and use that very technology to ensure that there isn’t a complete takeover of our lives.

Hopefully, these tips help you go from being buried in technology to actually living life by transforming you from Mr. Robot to Mr. Worldwide.

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